Power Cleaner

img-1Keeping the car clean and at its best presentation is very important for many motor enthusiasts.

Sometimes the regular daily care is simply not good enough. After miles on the road in constantly changing environment the surface of your car can be contaminated with many substances that penetrate beyond the level of regular dust.
For occasions like this when your outer coating is not only covered with dirt but also affected on a deeper level Avery Dennison has a much stronger weapon to draw.
The Power Cleaner for Car Wraps is specially designed to fight back against any deep residing stains and dirt that cannot be easily washed with regular after care products.

Avery Dennison has specially designed this product to avoid hard mechanical cleaning that could affect the surface of the wrap coating. Instead of that a professional blend of chemical treatment is here to help.

Tint Team recommends using only high quality end-to-end solutions from industry leading manufacturers.

More Information

Our team can provide you with additional information how to tak care of your suface finish. Ask in store for solutions and advise to keep your wrapping in tip top condition for a life time.



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