img-1Using cleaning liquids from our series will help remove all those stains and dirt off your cars wrapping.

When cleaning your vehicle with chemical products you should keep in mind that the natural seal that is created between layers of the wrapping when applying is also getting slightly affected.
Multiple washes and applications of the cleaning liquid may cause the wrapping to become less resistant.
To prevent this situation and care after your wrapping, in the long run, Avery Dennison has developed a sealant to refill the layer and joining areas with a protective barrier.

Avery Dennison is a well know manufacturer of multiple synthetic materials. As a industry leader they provide highest quality solutions to cover consumer needs for finished surfaces. With the appropriate cleaning fluid and sealant you can take professional care of your end product.

Tint Team recommends using only high quality end-to-end solutions from industry leading manufacturers.

More Information

Our team can provide you with additional information how to take care of your suface finish. Ask in store for solutions and advise to keep your wrapping in tip top condition for a life time.




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